July 09, 2003
Stupid Letters

Letters to the Seattle Times today include a whole host of Bush bashers who are enraged that Bush has pointed out that the whole weak economy thing started under his predecessor's watch. One of them had a little nugget that made me laugh out loud:

What a preposterous insult that all of President Clinton's accomplishments in... holding corporate accountability...

Hello? What planet are you on? Who was president when all those evil corporations were doing their evil deeds, and who was president when they were caught?

Another letter targets a different Republican, while still managing to get in a swipe at the administration:

I thought political theater had hit the skids with the current comedy playing the Washington, D.C., circuit; but if a social-climbing, B-movie bonehead called Schwarzenegger can aspire to the top California role and even one person take him seriously, I give up!
Small wonder we're becoming the laughingstock of the world!
Clara McArthur, Federal Way

No, Ms. McArther, we are not the laughing stock of the world; we are the designated target. Islamic extremists and Euro-socialists hate the US in general, regardless of who is in charge. Having a Republican makes it easier for them to vent, because the left here will support them in a show of solidarity.

As for Schwarzenegger, you miss three points: Firstly, Gray Davis has buggered California's economy, and has no clue what needs to be done to fix it. Secondly, Schwarzenegger appears to have political skills, a useful ability for an actor dealing with studios, directors, and other actors. Lastly, despite your disdain for the entertainment industry, it is a very big business in California, and what you view as a liability may well prove to be an asset in that state.

For someone who appears to support the views of the Democratic Party, you appear to have a serious disdain for a poor immigrant who rose to the top of his industry and married into a rich, politically connected family. So much for the American Dream.

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