July 12, 2003
Redefining the center

While doing a little searching for information on Jill Stewart for the preceding post, I ran across an amusing contrast in perception regarding her politics.

John Fund, writing in the Wall Street Journal, describes her as "liberal columnist Jill Stewart" in this article. (She is not the focus of the article, but there is a paragraph dedicated to her comments on Davis.)

Contrast that with this poisonous screed from the tinfoil-hat crowd at the Conspiracy Theory Research List, where one of the members describes her as a "villanous [sic] right-wing hatchet woman", and declares his intent to write a hit piece on Jill "the Sewer" Stewart.

If you are not sure who to believe regarding her political beliefs, one of her columns from last month contains this statement:

As a Democrat often disgusted by my party

Which tends to support John Fund more than it does Robert Sterling, without even broaching the subject of considering the source.

posted on July 12, 2003 12:37 PM


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