August 03, 2003
SeaFair squawks

It's time for SeaFair again, Seattle's annual community festival. Since one of SeaFair's draws is the Navy's Blue Angels flight-demonstration team, each year the anti-military types snivel about the evils of military propaganda. This year is no different, as evidenced by this letter to the Seattle Times:

It's time for Seattle's annual Seafair celebration. More accurately, it should be called Sea-War-Fair. Headlined by the Blue Angels and a mini-fleet of naval vessels docked at piers along our waterfront, what we have in Seattle is a carnival of recreational militarism, war-as-entertainment. Unfortunately for the people in the countries invaded by our armed forces, Blue Angels-type technology is not fun or entertaining. It's simply terrifying. Angels, perhaps. Angels of death.

Jonny Hahn, Seattle

Wow, six aircraft (not rigged for combat) and three small ships, one of which is a Coast Guard cutter. The Seattle warfest is ready to take on Costa Rica (which has no military) or perhaps Benin. Get a grip, Jonny. Just because *you* loathe the military doesn't mean that the rest of the people in the Pacific Northwest should have to miss the sights of the Blue Angels.

posted on August 03, 2003 12:18 PM


wow! 2 navy ships? I'm amazed (really) that they found 2 that weren't deployed, in the yards or in POM.

posted by Kevin on August 10, 2003 01:33 PM

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