August 04, 2003
Stupid Letters—SW Florida edition

It's become impossible to avoid the anti-Bushies; they are everywhere. Even in a solidly Republican area such as southwest Florida, they show up like cockroaches. Today's letters to the Fort Myers News-Press include one typical of the breed:

I cannot believe the absolute stupidity of some of the Mailbag’s obviously Republican writers. For one thing, I never would admit I was a Republican stupidly kissing up to one of the sorriest presidents this country has ever endured. Instead, I would be hiding my head in shame over what this pitiful excuse for a president has done to our country.

People who back this arrogant egomaniac must be living on another planet to deny what this despot has done since he stole the election from Mr. Gore. It would take nearly an entire newspaper page to list all of the crimes against humanity as well as the middle class of the country this tyrant has committed while in office.

However, there is hope that justice will be served as we witness a strong and passionate movement to have this reckless cowboy sent back to Texas through the impeachment process.

RICHARD LENT, Lehigh Acres

Okay, once again, we have the standard talking points.

1) Stole the election

2) Arrogant Cowboy

3) Crimes against humanity

4) Crushing the middle class

Long on broad-based allegations, yet not a single fact. Typical lefty bellowing, even in GOP country. A quick check on Richard Lent shows that he has been writing letters to some of the other local papers, spouting off about impeaching Bush. Here is a link to a letter in last Wednesday's Marco Eagle, urging everyone to register on a left-wing Bush impeachment site. In this letter, he works in the "Bush lied about Iraq's WMD" meme, conveniently leaving out all of the other (Democratic, French, German, Russian, and UN) sources that flatly stated that Hussein had not destroyed all of his weapons. Even the sainted Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright were convinced that Hussein had kept his weapons, and the 12 years worth of flouting the UN's resolutions were further evidence that Hussein wasn't going to play by the rules.

posted on August 04, 2003 03:29 PM


I believe that he is merely following the instructions that I've seen on several of the leftie websites, such as Eschaton, MWO and Hesiod.

posted by Terry on August 5, 2003 08:00 PM

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