August 22, 2003
Life's little annoyances

Yet another little annoyance reared its head today.

I *hate* people who insert code that forces a google cached page to display the most current page, instead of the page that has the information for which I was searching.

A moderately well-read blog (I won't drop names) was the source of my frustration. I was looking for something he posted in June or July (cannot remember which) so I googled his site name and a few keywords on the subject, and after what seemed like forever, the page came up, with a date of 20 August, and of course, the post for which I had been searching was nowhere to be found.

posted on August 22, 2003 09:11 PM


I hate that too, but it is almost always done with javascript. I use Opera, where I can just hit the F12 key and turn off javascript. So I turn it off and click on the cache again. (Assuming I really want the info, of course.)

posted by Kathy K on August 23, 2003 12:56 PM

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