September 04, 2003
Improvement in Iraq

If you were to get your news entirely from a few left-leaning sources (such as the Boston Globe) or outright leftist outlets (such as Britain's Guardian), you might develop the impression that Iraq is a basket case. It's quite understandable, since these papers feature idiotic commentators shrieking (from their comfortable perches in Cambridge, or from Belgravia) about how appalling life has become for the Iraqis since Saddam was deposed.

The reality, however, is quite different. Jim Miller links to a source on the ground in Iraq, who is impressed with the improvement since the War. The column he links to is even more upbeat than the letter from a friend of Salam Pax that I linked to in July. He contrasts this onsite report with a pair of ideologically blinkered nitwits, a Brit and a Bostonian, who sniff that the war was an unmitigated disaster, and that the occupation is even worse. Jim's analysis is dead-on as usual, so check it out.

UPDATE: I should make clear that Mr. Joseph (the column's writer) was the human shield who was so appalled by conditions in Iraq that he changed his mind about the war. Jim Miller alludes to that in his commentary on the subject, but I failed to make the connection in my mind.

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