September 08, 2003
Adieu, John-boy

John Edwards (D-NC) has announced that he has decided to forego a senate campaign, focusing all of his energies and resources on winning the Presidential nomination in 2004, according to this Washington Post article.

He's toast. He won't be missed. The last thing this nation needs is another Southern Democrat lawyer as president, and in any case, Edwards is definitely second-tier. He's not as hapless as the bottom tier (Sharpton, Mosely-Braun, and Kucinich), but the big three (Kerry, Lieberman, and Dean) are leaving him in the dust, along with Graham and Gephardt.

Hopefully, he will be so throroughly humiliated that he will go back to plotting lawsuits against tobacco companies, which is where he made all of his money in the first place. I'm amazed that he won an election in North Carolina in the first place, considering the importance of tobacco in the state. Perhaps he read the tea leaves and realized that Richard Burr, the Republican challenger, was going to clean his clock.

posted on September 08, 2003 08:56 AM


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