September 12, 2003
New LA Times Poll on Recall

This LA Times article on the most recent poll contains some interesting tidbits of info, but you have to dig through the paper's instinctive bias to find them. Despite the furious spinning from the Davis camp, half of the voters are planning to dump Davis and vote in somebody else.

Some of the more surprising numbers:

·Bustamante's negative numbers jumped from 29% to 50%, as more people have heard about his fundraising efforts from the Indian tribes and his ties to MEChA.

·McClintock may be stronger than first believed; only half of likely voters say he is more conservative than themselves. In addition, he has lower negatives than Bustamante, Schwarzenegger, and Davis, and mroe than half of the people surveyed believe that he is a straight shooter, even when they disagreed with him.

·Davis's numbers are edging up. Now, instead of an appalling 72% unfavorable rating, it is a dismal 63%. Nonetheless, he scores higher than any of his erstwhile replacements on the "best qualified" issue, with 35% of respondents choosing him. 25% chose McClintock, 20% Bustamante, and 1% Schwarzenegger.

·Bustamante does not have a chokehold on the Latino vote. While about half plan to vote for him, 29% back Schwarzenegger, and a suprising 13% plan to vote for McClintock. Considering that conservative Republicans are closely linked in voters' minds with Prop 187, that is a startling number for McClintock.

Read the whole thing. Remember that it is a Los Angeles Times poll, which have a history of liberal bias.

posted on September 12, 2003 05:56 AM


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