September 14, 2003
Worth a look

Johann Hari, a writer for Britain's independent (among other publications) has started a website of his own,, with some of his latest columns and other writings. I don't always agree with Mr. Hari, but he and I and in perfect agreement that subsidies and tariffs from developed countries are the surest way to condemn poor countries to remain poor. In fact, I linked to an article of his on the subject back on June 8th, although the link expired after a day.

Mr. Hari is one of those rarest of people; an anti-Bush, pro-war Briton. He is a big fan of Mr. Blair, and also supports gay rights (unsurprisingly, as he is gay). Unlike some of the more radical gay-rights supporters, he falls into the "assimilationist" wing (similar to Andrew Sullivan), asking for society to accept them, not to change to suit them.

He has an impressive resume for one so young (he was born in 1979). I will be adding his site to the sidebar the next time I update it, but until then, follow the link in this post.

posted on September 14, 2003 11:03 PM


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