September 25, 2003
JOA lives

Chaz at Dustbury caught this, which ties in with my earlier post on the subject last week. The JOA is still on with the P-I and the Times. As Chaz notes in the comments of my earlier post, Hearst has pulled this action before, in San Francisco. They owned the weaker of the two dailies, but used the company's leverage to buy out their bigger rival. They then essentially killed their paper, selling it to a small, underfunded publisher, who moved the Examiner to a weekly format. Either the Seattle Times failed to raise the issue in court, or the judge didn't think it was important. I suspect this is not over yet; we'll have to see how the papers perform this year. If the Times loses money again, they will be in court (again), and I am quite sure that this time they will prevail. In any case, they've warned Hearst to start preparing for the end of the JOA.

posted on September 25, 2003 10:27 PM


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