November 23, 2003

Dodd Harris has been blogging now for three years, which makes him an old-timer amongst most of the bloggers I read. In fact, I believe he has been doing the blog thing longer than everybody on my links list besides the estimable C. G. Hill, and Chaz is a rarity (How many people have had personal websites since 1996)? In any case, Dodd is the only big blogger I have ever met; we worked together in the early 1990's, back when he was still doing the squid thing. Go wish him a happy blogiversary, and check out his "greatest hits" list, which is chock-full of good stuff.

posted on November 23, 2003 05:38 AM


Thanks for the nod, Timekeeper. I think you give me too much credit calling me a "big blogger," though. :-)

I didn't realize CG had been on the web that long, but it makes sense. My first personal web site went up a few weeks after I got out of the Navy (1995). The way things were then, that was the impetus for me getting a job as a webmaster right at the end of '95.

So, a few years later when I started my blog, a couple of guys I knew had already been doing it for over a year and I thought I was *behind* the curve. Then, about a year after that (after 9/11), blogging really exploded. Who knew?

posted by Dodd on November 23, 2003 12:05 PM

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