November 24, 2003
Whither Nuclear Power?

Michael Gersh has a fascinating post on the eco-left's greatest victory (and possibly its greatest defeat)—Germany's renunciation of nuclear power generation. Along among the industrialized nations, Germany has decided that it will not continue operating nuclear power plants; they have closed their first one, and are committed to decommisioning the remaining plants by 2020. Gersh points out that the German people are beginning to reevaluate their views on atomic energy, and the green's desire to eliminate nukes is going to create a conflict with their desire to curb air pollution. He then ties in the problems with excessive litigation of the US's Endangered Species Act, and finishes with a riff about the Global Warming debate.

Read Gersh's whole post; it's definitely worth the effort.

posted on November 24, 2003 10:17 AM


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