January 02, 2004
About the Weather

(Insert 10000 Maniacs joke here.)

Last January was the first time I saw snow on the ground for more than 24 hours.

I'm going to see it again.

It snowed last night, about two inches. We had snow in December, but it melted off within 12 hours. Not this time. It looks like we'll have slush on Monday, when it warms up and starts to rain (oh, joy). Warm, of course, is relative; 43 degree rain is not my idea of nice weather. Of course, it's snowing in Oak Harbor as well, so I couldn't escape it even if I weren't on deployment.

It is times like this that make me long for San Diego, where I was stationed for 15 years. San Diego has its faults, but it doesn't get snow. Growing up in Florida and then living in San Diego is not a recipe for dealing well with snow.

posted on January 02, 2004 01:25 PM


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