February 01, 2004
Speech Police at college

Read this, and understand why universities and colleges are becoming the least likely places for open and informed debate, unless you are debating degrees of a liberal pet issue. When it comes to conservative voices on ant topic, those that are not suppressed by the faculty are silenced by militant students who are even more intolent of dissent than their professors.

Later in the same post, the writer (a college student, assisted by her father) explains why she supports the war, and why she believes that Islamofascism is holding back an entire region of the world, AND does so in a way that is neither racist or fascist, despite what her detractors have claimed.

Go read it now.

(Link courtesy of VodkaPundit, where there is an interesting discussion about Joe McCarthy in the comments.)

posted on February 01, 2004 02:23 AM


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