March 10, 2004
Bush fails to oil door...

...the rovolving door to the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House. Although he didn't board it up, far fewer contributors to his campaign ended up spending the night in the White House or at Camp David then was the standard during the Clinton years. Oh, the AP reporter does try to spin the story against Bush:

Bush's overnight guest roster is virtually free of the famous pro golfer Ben Crenshaw is the biggest name but not of campaign supporters.

At least nine of Bush's biggest fund-raisers appear on the latest list of White House overnight guests, covering June 2002 through December 2003, and-or on the Camp David list, which covers last year.

The list of nine includes three of Bush's partners in the Texas Rangers baseball team (one of whom was a fraternity brother at Yale) from 1989, the childhood friend who introduced Bush to his future wife Laura, and the governors of New York and Colorado. That leaves three fundraisers.

Clinton's record is a bit different. I won't go into details, because the Jerusalem Post, the Washington Post, and CNN have done it for me. (The WaPo also has this handy list of 1995/1996 guests, with dollar amounts attached, and CNN has this one, covering 1999/2000.) Suffice it to say that there was a lot more of a quid pro quo in the nineties than there is now.

UPDATE-11Mar04/0855—John Cole has much more on this, including links to fatuous posts from Oliver Willis and Kevin Drum.

posted on March 10, 2004 03:59 PM


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