April 23, 2004
Hypocrisy personified

John Kerry is sponsoring a petition which accuses Bush of using taxpayer's money to fund his campaign. There are no links to support the accusations, so they remain just that: accusations. (The whole thing is reminiscent of the similar allegations levelled against Hillary Clinton four years ago, and just as unfounded.)

Meanwhile, Kerry has missed almost every vote this year, and 64 percent of the votes last year, yet continues to draw his full salary, despite the fact that by law he is supposed to forfeit his pay.

Of course, Kerry doesn't think that senate votes are all that important.

"In the age of telecommunications, Sen. Kerry is in daily contact with his chief of staff,'' Meehan said. "Voting is just one small part of being a U.S. senator.'' cite

Kerry should take a cue from Bob Dole, the 1996 GOP nominee, who resigned his seat in order to dedicate himself to the race while not depriving his state of half of their senate representation. Instead, he spends his time smearing Bush instead of performing the job for which he is paid. Voting is by far the most important portion of a senator's job, and he has been "AWOL" for quite some time.

posted on April 23, 2004 01:30 PM


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