June 06, 2004
RIP, Ronald Reagan

I waited a day to post something on this, because everyone else had something to say about it yesterday.

I have been reading posts on this on many blogs, some conservative, some liberal. The conservatives, understandably, were sad to say goodbye. The liberal bloggers, with few exceptions, have maintained an admirable level of courtesy and respect, refusing to dance on the grave of someone that they intensely disliked politically (and personally, in some cases).

The same cannot be said of their commenters, however. I was shocked at the vitriol directed towards Reagan from some on the left. I am not talking about Democratic Underground or Counterspin Central, I am talking about Kevin Drum, Daily Kos and Atrios, supposedly "mainstream" liberal sites. The comments there are distressing, to say the least.

I would like to point out one liberal blogger whose post was a class act. While Oliver Willis is certainly no fan of Reagan, his thoughtful post on Reagan was admirable. Most of his commenters also maintained a sense of decency as well. I hope that when Carter and Clinton die, righty bloggers will show the same level of dignity. I have no respect for either man, but I certainly don't wish them dead, and I will not celebrate their passing.

UPDATE: Boi From Troy has an amazing catalogue of links to bloggers' reactions, from both large and small blogs.

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