June 23, 2004
Anti-democratic Democrats

Once again proving that they are only after naked power, the Democratic Party has filed suit in Arizona over the signatures gathered by Ralph Nader, alleging that over 70% of the signatures are invalid. Not the signatures themselves, but rather the credentials of those who collected the signatures. (Due to a quirk of Arizona law, the party cannot file a suit itself, but the two activists who filed are receiving the full support of the state Democratic Party.) The Kerry campaign is not actively aiding the effort, but they have offered tacit approval.

A quote from a Kerry spokeswoman is entertaining:

"The Democratic Party has a right to make to sure that those rules are being followed and that the law is met," she said. "We're abiding by them and it's only fair that others abide by them, too."

See Toricelli, Robert; Wellstone, Paul; and Carnahan, Mel. See also military ballots in the 2000 Florida recount, as opposed to undercount ballots. See also the irregularities in South Dakota, which probably resulted in Tim Johnson's minuscule victory over John Thune. See also keeping precincts open late in Saint Louis and Kansas City. See also Loretta Sanchez's victory over Bob Dornan, aided by votes from illegal immigrants. Following the rules is important only when it benefits the Democratic Party.

UPDATE/24June2004—Jim Miller links to an article that notes that the Kerry campaign is using convicted felons to register voters. Can you say "double standards"? Of course you can.

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Here in California, the ACLU sued to block last year's recall election, which over a million signatures had put on the ballot in accordance with state law. The ACLU argued that the voting machines were faulty and thus would disenfranchise some voters. Oddly, these same faulty voting machines were just fine a year earlier when Grey Davis was elected...

posted by jeff on June 28, 2004 11:33 AM

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