June 30, 2004
Seattle Times catches up with blogger

Two weeks ago, Stefan Sharkansky noted that one of the Democratic candidates for Washington Attorney General, Deborah Senn, had a nasty secret about her previous state job, as insurance commissioner. He followed up with another piece last week, after the Seattle Times totally ignored her checkered past in a profile of the candidates. Now, the Times' Bruce Ramsey finally notices Senn's terrible track record in this column, which acts as a nice supplement to Stefan's previous pieces. Stefan points out about the loss of accreditation and the hemorrhaging of physicians to more hospitable locales, while Mr. Ramsey points out the exits of major insurance companies, and the resultant sharp rise in rates for those most in need of coverage, due to Senn's inability to understand economics.

Ramsey's piece also includes a subtle but pointed dig at Senn from Governor Gary Locke, who supports Senn's opponent in the Democratic primary. Check out the article; it's worth your time.

posted on June 30, 2004 04:14 PM


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