August 17, 2004
Three days

Apparently, it takes Yahoo about three days to do a sweep of the 'sphere. Either that, or today was the day that Yahoo finally got around to checking out my blog, because my posts on Saturday are definitely in the cache now. A quick check of the search words that brought visitors here indicates that Hurricane Charley has been getting some serious Yahoo action, particularly people looking for information about Sanibel and Captiva Islands, and Sebring and the Highlands County region. Because of a conscious effort on my part to avoid focusing on the same stories as everyone else, I usually have a relatively low search engine profile. However, I have seen an enormous spike in traffic today. (I wonder what I will see when Google caches the page.)

For those who are looking for information, go the the Fort Myers News-Press site. They have a comprehensive set of links to the situation on the Islands, including updates and photo galleries of Sanibel and Captiva Islands. Also, expect more information to be available tomorrow, as the bridge will open up tomorrow, first to residents, and then to businesses.

One of the photos in the Captiva photo gallery shows the devastation on Upper Captiva Island. Upper Captiva, itself a product of a hurricane (It was part of Captiva Island until the 1926 Miami hurricane carved a new channel) has been split in two by Charley. Since it was already accessible only by boat (or by plane on the tiny airstrip) it's not a big deal, but the people living on the southern end are even more isolated than before. There were no cars on the island (only golf carts), but the new channel will preclude their use now.

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