August 31, 2004
Irony Alert

Teresa LePore, the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections and architect of the notorious "Butterfly Ballot",which was the keystone of the 2000 election recount fiasco in Florida, has lost her re-election bid.

After being hung out to dry by her party during the protracted court battle, LePore, a life-long Democrat, changed her affiliation to Independent. The Democrats fielded a candidate to run against her. She received some support from the Republican party, but her challenger is leading by about 6000 votes, with all but three of the precincts reporting.

The irony is the name of her challenger, a former school board member named Arthur Anderson. No, not THAT one; this one is a professor at the College of Education at Florida Atlantic University, with a specialty in Multicultural Education. (I'm not going to touch that; he's a Democrat.)

More information about the race can be found here .

posted on August 31, 2004 11:37 PM


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