November 02, 2004
Idiocy from Woodruff

Judy Woodruff, on CNN, commenting on the enormous backlog of absentee ballots in South Florida, which may not be counted until Thursday, came up with an incredibly stupid and loaded statement. She stated that Democrats are grumbling and accusing Glenda Hood (Florida's GOP Secretary of State)of dragging her feet, "but that we have no evidence of that".

Glenda Hood has nothing to do with counting absentee ballots in any county. That would be the job of the county supervisors of elections. Miami/Dade and Broward have Democratic Party Supervisors, and Palm Beach's supervisor was a Democrat who changed her registration to independent after her party savaged her over the 2000 "butterfly ballot". If the Democrats are upset about the backlog of ballots, they need to look to their own, and STFU about Glenda Hood. As of yesterday morning, the Dems had already filed multiple lawsuits in Florida, in an attempt to steal the state again, just as they had in 2000.

posted on November 02, 2004 07:19 PM


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