November 04, 2004
Sick of it

From the Democrats, who accuse Republicans of being divisive:

Eric Alterman—Slightly more than half of the citizens of this country simply do not care about what those of us in the “reality-based community” say or believe about anything.

Heidi Julavits— This much has changed for me in the past few hours, after raging at 51 percent of the people in this country. To be honest, I didn't really care much about the feelings of that 51 percent -- I far more cared about rectifying our terribly tarnished image throughout the world....Now, however, I realize that we have to treat our own country as a foreign country, with whom our relations are strained beyond the point of communication.... I cannot -- cannot -- understand why 51 percent of the people in this country voted for George Bush -- and that is a problem. We need to understand why, and if we understand why, then perhaps our attempts at communication will be more effective.

James Wolcott—Should Bush win, I shall post a statement of philosophical resignation tentatively titled "Good, Go Ahead, America, Choke on Your Own Vomit, You Deserve to Die."

San Francisco(The whole damn city, except for Bill Quick and Toren Smith)—this link has pictures of a rally in the bay area.

TBogg—I look at the big map and all of the red in flyover country and I feel like I've been locked in a room with the slow learners. We have become the country that pulls a dry cleaning bag over its head to play astronaut.

Barry (At—Looking at the map, it looks pretty easy for the good people to join Canada. I think we should secede, now that the majority of Americans have voted for the

* pro-torture
* prevent blacks from voting
* trust in God to tell use what to do
* pro-war
* anti-gay
* anti-abortion


Isn't it interesting that it's mainly the more highly-educated states that voted for Kerry?

I think the gay marriage thing is what put them over the top. Way to move in the opposite direction of every other democracy, America.

Zito Joseph—"I'm saddened by what I feel is the obtuseness and shortsightedness of a good part of the country - the heartland," Dr. Joseph said. "This kind of redneck, shoot-from-the-hip mentality and a very concrete interpretation of religion is prevalent in Bush country - in the heartland."

Jessica Johnson— ''Many Americans have nothing between their ears. Americans are fat, lazy, and stupid. I don't like this country anymore."


It's not all the Democrats who are shrieking fonts of hate. Most of the mainstream lefty bloggers are disappointed with the results, but are not howling at the American Public who voted for Bush. Kevin Drum, Oliver Willis, Duncan Black, and Josh Marshall are upset, but they're not displaying that attitude of "How dare those peons vote for the smirking chimp" that the lovely examples above demonstrate. Nor are they calling for "two Americas" or claiming that "Bush is not my president" (although the comment sections at some of the blogs certainly rectify that omission). Just as we are expected to slap down Falwell and Rebertson every time they open their pie holes, the saner portions of the left need to sedate their loons.

(Several of the above links were via Instapundit and the quotes from the last two were courtesy of Best of the Web.)

posted on November 04, 2004 09:44 PM


Yeah, it's kind of funny when people answer their own question without realizing it...

posted by Tagore Smith on November 4, 2004 11:23 PM

I give em about a month and then (hopefully) some will realize that being pissed off for another four years is a waste of time.

And if they don't, then it's their problem to wrestle with....

posted by Mad Mikey on November 5, 2004 12:25 PM

Oliver Willis has been just as loony. He wrote something about Americans voting for evil and some other nonsense.

posted by Lawrence on November 5, 2004 08:44 PM

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