November 15, 2004
We meet again...

Over the past week or so, I have seen a surprising number of search hits for "James Zetlen". Mr. Zetlen wrote a letter to the Seattle Times in December 2002, one that caught my eye and prompted a response, primarily because of his ludicrous assertion that Newsweek has a conservative bias. (He totally missed the point of the Michael Kelly column that he was bashing.) At first, I assumed he was auto-googling, but there have been too many hits to account for that. It had to be something else, but what?

Apparently, Zetlen is the force behind Sorry Everybody, the ridiculous website that all the unhinged anti-Bushes can go to let the rrest of the world know that they didn't vote for BusHitler. It's unsurprising that the site is run by a college kid from Seattle, since both are known for their aggresively liberal political leanings, but it is interesting (to me, at least), that I was the first person to bash his politics on the web. Advantage: Horologium!

posted on November 15, 2004 08:36 AM


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