December 10, 2004

Since everyone else seems to be doing it, Horologium does its first Friday catblogging.

I don't have cats, but my housemate has two of them. In general, I'm not a cat person, but these two are affectionate, clean, (mostly) well-behaved, and DECLAWED. The last is important, because their favorite attention-getting technique is to use one's leg as a scratching post, so you will rub their cheeks.

This is Belle. She is the princess of the household. She is elegant and dignified, except when she's being silly. She was basking in what passes for sunshine here.


This is Roz, the bread slayer. He is the only cat I have ever met that will chew through a plastic bag to eat hot dog buns (which he has done on at least three occasions). He is the alpha kitty, but Belle has been known to stand her ground when he gets too aggressive. In this picture, he is eyeballing the rye bread I am getting ready to eat. I had set it down to grab a soda from the mini-fridge upstairs.


(click on pics for larger images)

posted on December 10, 2004 02:19 PM


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