February 10, 2005
More on Seattle Priorities

Robert at Mulatto Advocate took my rant on the moronorail and greatly expanded upon it, adding a lot of detail (and a personal note) to what was basically a quickie take on the consequences of living in a city that has never heard the word "no".

Today's Seattle Times also had a pair of articles which discussed more of the wheels-falling-off state of Seattle's finances, in this article discussing the Magnolia Bridge, which also needs to be replaced, but suffers from a lack of money, and this article, which details the woes of the Seattle School District, which faces a serious budget shortfall. The Magnolia Bridge piece mentions only in passing the misprioritizing of transportation funding, but the education piece discusses the checkered past of the district's management, and discusses some of the hard choices facing the board. There is an accompanying chart that is rather interesting and informative.

For those who are interested how Seattle allocates its budget, a link can be found here. It, too, is an interesting an informative link, although it is sometimes disturbing to see where the money goes. Your tax dollars at work...

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