February 18, 2005
The end times are near

In one of the clear signs that the apocalypse is upon us, Ellen Goodman has written a column in which I find little room for disagreement.

The column, which appeared in today's Seattle Times, discusses the ramifications of last month's elections upon the women of Iraq, and what might happen under Sharia in Iraq, if the Shiite majority government decides that they wish to impose it. She points out that Sharia is not quite as inflexible as most believe, and believes that Iraq's thirty-plus years of relatively equal treatment of women has created a society that will not turn back the clock. She's convincing, and although she warns that some conservative clerics will try to impose fundamentalist laws upon the population, she sounds like she's confident that things are looking up in Iraq. It's certainly worth the read.

posted on February 18, 2005 08:16 PM


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