April 17, 2005
Thing that make me go hmmmph

If you are one of those flaming anuses who must listen to your bass-heavy, Two-Nikes-in-a-Kenmore music at a deafening level, I am sure that there is a special ring in hell reserved for you, wherein you will be forced to listen to Lawrence Welk and the 101 Strings for eternity, at the same mindsplitting volume you inflicted your aural dreck upon the rest of us.

(This screed brought you by the idiot who drove down the street behind my house with his music—and I use the term loosely—blasting loud enough to cause all of the windows in the house to rattle in sync. I think it would have set the burglar alarm off if it had been armed.)

(Edited at 8:45AM/19 April 2005 for clarity.)

posted on April 17, 2005 09:04 PM


That's the nice thing about leaving the South Bay for La Jolla: I've only heard three loud stereos in three years....and one of them was mine when I was in a frack-them-all-mood-and-blasting-Ozzy....

TK, believe me: I feel your pain.

posted by Mad Mikey on April 18, 2005 04:50 PM

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