April 27, 2005
Fun with Geography II

Also via The Corner, we have this page of puzzles, dealing with European geography. I started with Level 5 and came up with this score:

Score: 43/44 correct
Pct correct: 98%
Time: 178 seconds

(I misplaced Switzerland a bit; it's hard to locate when you have not done any of the countries surrounding it. It came up fourth, after Ireland, Iceland, and Finland.)

I tried the level 7 puzzle next, and came up with these results:

Score: 43/44
Pct correct: 98%
Time: 170 seconds

(I guessed Croatia for Hungary. It was hard to tell exactly where the star was located. It would be a LOT easier if they put the stars on the capitals.)

The "no borders" puzzles are a lot more fun for geography geeks. Try them!

posted on April 27, 2005 04:29 PM


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