May 16, 2005

The news media loved to make parallels between Afghanistan and Vietnam; here's another one:


The Tet Offensive was thoroughly misreported by CBS and "Uncle Walter", and represented a turning point in the war. The Isikoff hit piece against American troops could be a turning point in Afghanistan as well. To be sure, the analogy is not exact, but media lies are at the heart of both stories. The aim is to turn public opinion against the US military; the Tet offensive reporting was aimed at US opinion, while the Isikoff report was aimed at Afghan public opinion, and appears to have been spectacularly effective in igniting a fire.

Newsweek cannot possibly issue a retraction that will undo the horrific damage done by their reckless disregard for the truth. If it was an Al Jazeera report, it could have been explained away as anti-American bias from an openly anti-American source, but Newsweek is an AMERICAN media source, in the heart of the "Mainstream media". Newsweek has hammered in the final nail of the coffin of responsible reporting by the professional media.

posted on May 16, 2005 09:04 AM


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