May 28, 2005
What party is he? V

As many know, four Tennessee state legislators were recently arrested in a sting operation. One of them, John Ford, resigned today, it was announced by Lt. Governor John Wilder. The AP story to which I have linked is 586 words in length, and not only does it not mention Ford's party, but it doesn't mention the party of any of the four arrested. (Three are Democrats, and the fourth is a RINO who voted for the Democratic candidate for House Speaker.) In fact, neither "Democrat" or "Democratic" appear anywhere in the article. The only labels are applied to two Republicans who provided quotes in the article.

(For full coverage of this issue, go to this post from Bill Hobbs, which is the first of several posts he has the subject. He's all over what appears to be a bombshell in Tennessee politics.)

posted on May 28, 2005 07:39 PM


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