May 22, 2006
Progress report

August 2005:

Weight: 245 pounds. (49 pounds over Navy weight standard)
Blood pressure: 144/92 ("normal" blood pressure should be 120/80 or lower)
Cholesterol: 249 (<200 is desirable)

1.5 mile run: 16 minutes, 52 seconds (failing score)
Push-ups in 2 minutes: 27 (marginal pass)
Sit-ups in 2 minutes: 37 (marginal pass)

Overall PRT score: fail


Weight: 180 pounds (16 pounds under navy's maximum weight for height)
Blood pressure: 114/74 (lower than average is better)
Cholesterol: 178 (<200)
1.5 mile run: 12 minutes, 8 seconds (good/high score)
Push ups in 2 minutes: 37 (good/low score)
Sit-ups in 2 minutes: 47 (good/low score)

Overall PRT score: Good/low.

(Scores are based on Navy fitness standards for a 35-39 year old male, 71 inches tall, running PRT at less than 5,000 feet above sea level.)

I've made a lot of progress since last year, and I've managed to keep my weight stable for over three months now.

posted on May 22, 2006 10:12 PM


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