March 15, 2007
Sock it to me

I love fees.

I received my phone bill today (first one at my new address). I was struck by the array of fees, taxes, and surcharges levied on something as simple as a phone bill. Discounting the extortionary $46.00 connection fee (which consisted of flipping a switch somewhere, since this is not a new building), my bill consisted of $24.24 in charges for basic phone service with caller ID and $1.12 in long-distance charges (including $1.03 for the slightly reduced long distance charges), and 18.30 in fees, taxes, and surcharges. In other words, the "extras" added up to 40% of my total bill. This is why people stop using the phone and switch to e-mail to communicate. Cell phones are just as bad, which is one of the reasons why I refuse to use them.

posted on March 15, 2007 01:56 PM


my vonage bill is a flat $25... 28 and change after taxes.

Give them a shot if you get fed up with these guys. I get a free month if I refer you. hint hint

posted by Kevin on March 15, 2007 09:05 PM

My Hillsborough County water bill is worst.
1300 gallons-----------------$2.87
customer billing charge------$3.80
water base facility charge---$7.80
sewer base facility charge--$12.75

posted by Bill on March 21, 2007 08:37 AM

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