Tuesday, October 21, 2003

What about Israeli funerals?

This AP story (courtesy of Yahoo! News) is an example of subtle anti-Israel bias (as practiced in the US, in contrast to the screaming full-throttle European variety). There are no twisted facts, no outright lies, but the whole article reads as if the Israelis are the only side at fault. One paragraph, buried deep within the article, mentions that the Israeli attacks were in retaliation for an ambush on the weekend, followed by missile strikes from Gaza into Israel. The article also mentions this, in another part of the piece:

The Israeli military said the incident began when a group of militants tried to sneak across a border fence from Gaza into Israel to carry out an attack.

That little fact adds a lot of context to the Israeli response, don't you think?

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In the article this caught my eye:

..the Palestinian prime minister, in a rare criticism of Washington, complained that the United States was doing nothing to stop what he said are Israel's "ugly crimes."

As if Palestinian terrorists intentionally targeting Israeli civilians somehow doesn't fit the description of "ugly crimes".

posted by Bashir Gemayel on October 22, 2003 02:45 PM

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