Friday, December 5, 2003

Sand in the Gears updates!

Tony Woodlief's Sand in the Gears was one of my daily reads for quite some time, but he has been out of the scene for a while. He has a new post up, one with a couple of cute stories about his two sons. Go visit him.

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Fire with fire

We all know who was the miserable failure was, when discussing American presidents, don't we? Hint: he was the only president (in my lifetime, at least) who led the country during simultaneous double digit inflation, interest rates, and unemployment.

(For more on this Googlebomb, see Dodd and Josh.)

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I read about this previously on Volokh, and couldn't help but be struck by the nearly conscious "if we repeat it often enough it'll become true" thinking of those involved with the original stunt.

I wonder if it's occurred to them that if they need to stack search engines to convince people Bush Is A Miserable Failure, he must not actually be failing that miserably.

posted by Sigivald on December 5, 2003 12:07 PM

Personally I think we'd have better luck linking JC with 'complete failure' or something like that. The 'miserable failure' googlebomb has too many top hits to make it easy to change it.

posted by Kathy K on December 5, 2003 12:47 PM

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Dead Pool 2004

Laurence Simon's Amish Tech Support is once again running The Dead Pool, and this year I have submitted an entry. I won't divulge my picks, but I suspect that many of them will be mine alone (more points for me, heh heh). I will be tracking the lists, and will link to ATS when someone on any of the lists kicks off.

If you are a blogger, and wish to participate, follow the link and read the rules.

Let the deaths begin (well, after January 1, that is...)!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2003


I'm not sure if I agree with the result, although it's not as bad as some would have us believe:

You're Johnny!
You're John Ashcroft! Your heroes are Ronald
Reagan, Charles Spurgeon, and Henrich Himmler!
You believe in freedom - including the freedom
to practice totalitarianism while sitting as
Attorney General. Jawohl!

Which member of the Bush Administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

(Courtesy of Silent Running.)

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~groan~ It said I'm George W. Bush. I was hoping for Condi. :-(

posted by Lynn S on December 3, 2003 07:40 PM

More of the same

Once again, Palestinian terrorist sympathizers place the blame squarely on Israel for all the problems in the middle east, instead of where it belongs—on the terrorists. From an AP story (via Yahoo! News):

"The latest Israelis escalation seriously threatens the dialogue in Cairo and puts serious obstacles in front of taking a decision to implement calm," said Ahmad Ghneim, a delegate from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement.

If the Palestinians stopped sending Islamokazis into Israel and detonating them amongst Israeli citizens, there would be no need for the Israelis to round up "militants" and demolish houses. There would be no "escalation" and no need for negotiations; an independent Palestine would exist.

In reference to the fatuous new proposal from the Israeli extreme left (and some like-minded Palestinians, the article notes this:

Arafat had turned down the framework of a similar deal at a failed summit called by then-President Clinton in 2000. This time, the Israeli government rejected the Geneva accord. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called it subversive and dangerous.

Hmmm, turnabout? Not really. The next sentence:

Palestinian militants also denounced it.

Which indicates to me that nothing has really changed on the Palestinian side. Arafat is on board, but he's not in charge. If he was in charge, Hamas and their terrorist siblings would be gone. They're still here.

This new plan bears a striking resemblance to the 1993 Oslo accords, which is a bad thing. The Israelis were the only side that adhered to ANY of the agreement; the Palestinians have never complied with even one of the points.

Stafan Sharansky a lot more to say on the subject in this post.

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e-mail change

I have changed my e-mail address for this blog, due to a flood of spam in recent days (about 75% of my mail is spam now). I have also disabled the hotlink on the sidebar. All mail to the old address ( will be bounced, since I have deleted it.

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Monday, December 1, 2003


This site is certified 71% GOOD by the Gematriculator

What I found hysterical about this one was the scoring; the word "Pejmanesque" (he's in my blogroll) is worth 666 points. Somehow, I wonder how they came up with that number, and I wonder if he'd be amused. He's got a pretty good sense of humor, and I don't think the number has any significance in Judaism, but still...

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