Tuesday, January 13, 2004

For your amusement

Also from CNN, This article discusses UC-Berkeley's "reputation" as a bastion of liberal thought. There are too many unintentionally hilarious quotes to excerpt, so I provide the link, unvarnished and pristine, for you to peruse.

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Interesting article, but......
1) The Free Speech Movement started with a dispute between the Young Repubicians. Most were for Rockefeller, a few for Goldwater. The campus rules allowed for only one card taable per organization. The Goldwaterites, supported by Wm Knowland's Oakland Tribune complained that their "Free Speech" was being suppressed. Only later did the liberals and Communists take-over
2) When Cal started to move a little to the right in the 1980's, the most left professors seemed to move to UC Santa Cruz.
3) Do you think that the less-confrontational mode of the current students has anything to do the the student population at 50% Asian?

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MoveOn ads move up

Apparently, CNN thinks that bashing Bush is newsworthy.

I was at lunch today (noon Central European Time, which is six hours ahead of the east coast) when to my surprise, I saw substantial portions of three MoveOn ads presented on CNN's NewsNow (via the military's AFN Atlantic network). They had the important portion of the winning ad (about 5 seconds worth), and showed two more ads in their entirety, because they found them entertaining. There was a brief toss-off line about the controversy about the two Bushitler ads, which were apparently offensive only to Jewish groups and the head of the RNC (I can't recall the exact wording, but that is the gist of the CNN anchor's comment). The whole piece was about five minutes long, and described MoveOn as a "political advocacy group".

Hmmm, can you recall any time that the rabidly anti-Clinton groups had THEIR ads run on CNN free of charge? And can you imagine any anti-Democratic ad campaign that would receive such favorable coverage by CNN?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

That's what I thought.

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