Friday, March 5, 2004


I know it's not a new meme, but I tried my hand at it today, and came up with a winner:

thumbsucking optics

BTW, under the standard scoring rules (number of citations x number of citations) I came up with a blockbuster score of 44,990,400,000. Thumbsucking resulted in only 7280 cites, but optics had 6,180,000.

(Blame it all on Meryl, whose "Shinto Defenestration" got me thinking, always a bad thing...)

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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Sitting on the Fence

Jonathan Gurwitz on the fence:

By now you may have read about the security fence. The one a powerful Middle Eastern nation is building to keep terrorists from crossing a porous border that separates it from an unstable, radical neighbor.

The fence intended to keep extremists from blowing up civilians. The fence that spans 45 miles and may intrude as much as four miles into the territory of the powerful nation's smaller and weaker neighbor.

No, not the fence Israel is erecting to keep suicide bombers out of its cities and towns. This fence is the one Saudi Arabia began building last fall along its border with Yemen.

Read the whole thing.

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Monday, March 1, 2004

GMO engineering

Dodd Harris has a link to a series of questions and answers that should serve to reassure anyone who is afraid of biotech crops ("frankenfoods", to the misguided people at CSPI and all the enviro-fascist groups out there. If you are concerned about engineered foods, click the link and relax.

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