Monday, March 22, 2004

Scratch one scumbag

Ding dong, the witch is dead. Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Hamas, was blown up by the Israelis yesterday as he left a mosque in Gaza.

Of course, all the usual suspects are condemning Israel; screw 'em. Yassin was eveil, and I for one don't mourn his passing, not even for a moment. I'm glad he's dead, and even more glad that it was a violent death. What goes around...

Read more in this CNN story.

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Comment Spammers

I go away for a week on vacation, and the spammers take over. I've just deleted *48* comments, on various and sundry disgusting subjects. Looks like it is way past time to install the mt-blacklist plugin. That will happen soon.

Later today, I will be posting a few pics from Disney World, from which my parents and I have just returned.

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