Friday, September 17, 2004

Iain Duncan Smith—Bush Backer

Iain Duncan Smith, the leader of Britain's Conservative Party, lays out why Tories should support George Bush in this article in The Spectator. He discusses why the Tories who are pursuing an anti-Bush agenda are wrong in their assumptions, and explains where their priorites are misplaced.

His closing paragraph is compelling:

As the Economist writers John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge point out in their new book The Right Nation, in America ‘conservatism is a progressive creed’. Today it is the Democrats and their European avatars who are reactionary and backward-looking. The great lesson of the Republican success story is that people respond to hope, not hate. I want George W. Bush to win in November not only because Britain’s future is entwined with America’s, and because the war on terror must be fought and won by a resolute president. I also want him to win because I hope the Republican message will rub off on my own party — so that we too can be the party of optimism, and the party of change.

Read the whole thing, and hope that the Tories do as well.

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