Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Feeling cheated

I'm on vacation in Florida (which is why I haven't posted) but I finally got online today and discovered that the KingUkraine County Election board has managed to manufacture enough valid votes for Christine Gregoire to steal the election from Dino Rossi.

I feel cheated because I know that I voted correctly (I pulled all the chads from my ballot before I mailed it in), yet my vote was worth no more than the repeated recounts needed because the special-ed crowd needed to have their ballots "enhanced" in order for the machines to count them, and even improperly cast ballots were included in the final tally. My personal favorite is the ballot in King County that was cast for "Christine Rossi" in the write-in portion, and also had the bubble for Christine Gregoire filled in. Even though it is both an overvote and a vote for a non-existent candidate, the King County Elections people, voting on party lines, counted it as a vote for Gregoire. No word yet on any votes for Dino Gregoire, and to which candidate such a vote would be assigned.

As always, Stefan, Jim, Matt, and the rest of the crowd at Sound Politics have been invaluable in following the shenanigans in this election, and are highly recommended to anyone living in the area, and to anyone who is interested in what is going on in what has become an even longer-running fiasco than the 2000 Bush/Gore election.

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