Friday, March 11, 2005

What party is he? III

Compare and contrast:

Story #1 (from today) is headlined "Orlando Mayor Surrenders in Ballot Probe", and notes that the mayor, a judge, and two of the mayor's campaign aides were arrested for felony charges of improperly collecting ballots in an election last year. Nowhere in the article is the political affiliation of any of the three noted, although the article mentions that one of the campaign aides had previously worked for Glenda Hood and Mel Martinez (both are prominent Florida Republicans, although their party is not noted either).

Story #2 (from Wednesday) is headlined "Nev. Lawmaker Seeks Opinion on TV Contract", and identifies her party in the fourth paragraph of the story.

Does anyone care to venture a guess as to the political affiliations of the two central figures?

This is not a new issue; I have mentioned it in May 2004 and earlier in July 2003. I quickly googled up another example—CNN on the 1997 Miami Mayoral race. Anyone want to place bets on which candidate belonged to each party?

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If any politician gets caught and there is no party affiliation mentioned (typical AP reporting)that politician is a big D.

posted by Bill on March 12, 2005 10:32 AM

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