Sunday, August 14, 2005


Today's Seattle Times/Seattle Post-Intelligencer Focus/Opinion section manages to do something that I've never seen before; print the same letter, from the same person, in the same section of one paper (two pages apart).

Seattleite Christy Wong wrote a letter criticizing Initiative 912 (which would roll back the asinine gas tax increase of earlier this year) which managed to make it through the editorial gantlet of both papers. The papers maintain separate editorial control (which is how Helen Thomas and Charles Krauthammer can end up in the same section without bringing about Armageddon), but they jointly produce the Sunday paper, and share one section of the paper to air their views (the first three pages are for the Times, and the last three for the P-I.) Outside of formatting (a zealous editor at one of the papers either added or removed paragraph breaks), the letter is identical in both. Ms. Wong's letter appears on page F3 (Times letter page) and F5 (P-I letters page). Here is the link to the Times website (third letter), and here is the P-I page (second letter).

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