May 07, 2002
Yet another bombing

We've all heard about the bombing, but I want to highlight one sentence in this article about the attack in Israel today.

It was the first suicide attack since Israel launched its offensive on March 29 in the West Bank aimed at uprooting suicide bombers.

There were no suicide attacks while the offensive was underway, but less than a week after it ends, the suicide bombings begin again.

What this means, apparently, is that the only way the Israelis can be safe is to use their military to occupy the West Bank on a continuing basis.

The Palestinian "leaders" of Hamas (or Fatah, or whoever else claims responsibility for the bombing) are DIRECTLY responsible for any of the deaths that result from the next Israeli offensive. It is no coincidence that the bombing occurred when Sharon was in Washington to present a peace proposal. It shows the world, once again, that the Palestinians don't want peace.

Of course, European leaders are so blind to the hypocrisy of the Palestinians that they will find a way to hold the Israelis responsible, as they have assigned blame for all of the strife in the mideast.

posted on May 07, 2002 08:55 PM


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