May 07, 2002
Another idle thought

Another idle thought:

All of the suicide bombers have come from the West Bank, despite the fact that the Gaza Strip is the real hotbed of Anti-Israeli sentiments. Since there is a fence around the Gaza strip area, that has kept the Palestinians from Gaza out of Israel. I suggest to Israel that they annex the West Bank, and the Palestinians can have the Gaza Strip as their country. (I'd suggest relocating the Israelis who have settled there, though, as they would become instant targets.) Offer Israeli citizenship to the Arabs that remain in the West Bank, and deport those that decline.

Europe would howl, but they're doing that already. What are they going to do that they haven't done already?

As I said, it's just an idea, and probably not a very good one. I'm in a grouchy mood, and the bombing set me off again.

posted on May 07, 2002 11:11 PM


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