June 04, 2002
Los Angeles Times Editors vs. Scheer

The sound of one hand clapping is eminating from the editorial page of the Los Angeles Times.

Today's editorial is a measured dissent against the hand-wringing from the left about the new investigatory powers afforded the FBI, and how John Ashcroft is going to trample our civil rights and turn us all into Pentecostals. They point out that most of the limitations are an overreaction to J. Edgar Hoover's excesses, and note that as long as we don't have an FBI director who terrifies politicians, Hoover's transgressions will not be repeated.

Contrast that with Robert Scheer's latest tirade, which is every bit as bad as the editorial fears. It's rather interesting that these two pieces would run on the same day, without a deliberate "pro/con" slant. (The LAT used to run "Column Left" and "Column Right" which featured, respectively, a liberal and a conservative columnist, but they never included the paper's own editorials in those columns).

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