June 04, 2002
Tapped's brains in a lockbox?

Yesterday, Tapped had this to say about Social Security:

THE "SCARE CAMPAIGN" IS WORKING. Against the Republicans, that is, who are apparently pretty worried about Democrat attacks on their Social Security and prescription drug plans this summer. Tapped has always found this particular complaint — Oooh! The Democrats are scaring old people about their Social Security payments — rather funny. It not only infantilizes senior citizens. It assumes that something besides common sense and a cursory attention to fact is required to know that the Republican privatization plans will force either tax hikes or benefit reductions (thanks to Bush's tax cut). As The Prospect's Nicholas Confessore reported recently, Social Security and prescription drugs look to be pivotal in November. And the House Republicans are just on the wrong side of these issues.

Well, sometimes the truth hurts. The Democrats have been very successful in portraying Social Security reform as sure death for all the old people out there, and many of them have bought into it. But what caught my eye is the line about privatization. Bush's tax cut has nothing to do with privatization, and unless you start prattling about the non-existent "lockbox", there is no connection. Tax hikes or benefit reductions are two possible choices, but Tapped overlooks the obvious spending cuts that could be made.

Even more deceptive is the link that Tapped provides, to the "Campaign for America's Future". CAF is , according to their website:

Over 100 Prominent Americans - citizen activists and policy experts concerned about our country and our planet - have joined together to launch and build the Campaign for America's Future. We are challenging the big money corporate agenda by encouraging Americans to speak up - to discuss and debate a new vision of an economy and a future that works for all of us. "America's Future will insist that the question of falling wages and rising insecurity be placed at the center of our national debate. We will challenge those who suggest that nothing can be done and expose the conservative agenda that has made things worse. America's Future will work to revitalize a progressive agenda, and fight to make this economy work for working people once again. We will engage citizens, activists and political leaders in a renewed debate about the kind of country - and the kind of world - we want to build for the generations yet to come."

Which should make it clear where their priorities lie.In any case, they discuss benefits in 2032, 2058, and 2075, failing to note that the Social Security Administration is projected to become insolvent in 2032, unless steps are taken to repair it, steps such as Bush's privatization plan. As it stands right now, I won't be drawing any benefits from Social Security, even though I have already paid into it for the past 18 years or so.

The Democratic Party's deceitfulness is demonstrated by their warnings to America's seniors, who will never see the effects of privatization. Bush's plan does not address current receipients, nor does it address those who will begin receiving benefits within a few years. This obvious fact doesn't stop Serpenthead Carville or his elected lackeys from demogoging the issue.

As to the snivel about prescription drugs, see my post from Friday which addresses the issue. Better yet, read the article in Reason from which most of the rebuttal is derived.

posted on June 04, 2002 09:24 PM


What I find "rather funny" is that TAPPED would post this after the Dems were caught red handed saying they were "scaring seniors." Their response was even more priceless. If I remember right they said it "wasn't likely" they wrote it. Say what?

posted by TVH on June 7, 2002 01:45 AM

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