August 13, 2002
EUnuch Dissection

This garbage has been throroughly flogged (here, here, and here, to name just a few), but the best response of all is from Mr. Misha, the anti-idiotarian rottweiler. In his rebuttal, he totally demolishes every single stupid argument put forth by this dipshit, and manages to have fun while doing it. Go take a look.

It is morons such as Bill Thompson that manage to convince America that everyone in Europe hates them. After reading a blast of hostility and naked anti-Americanism like that, my first reaction is to reciprocate. However, I realize that not everyone in Europe (and especially not in Britain) shares his views. Unfortunately, the people who share his views are disproportionately represented in the media and in high-visibility positions in government and academia.

posted on August 13, 2002 08:34 PM


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