August 14, 2002
Outrage du Jour

On Sunday, the Seattle Times ran this story, a sob story about an Islamic fundamentalist (I didn't use the word extremist, although it certainly would be appropriate) who has been questioned by the FBI for his ties with an al-Qaeda recruiter. Note a few relevant facts:

1. "I won't be apologetic for the World Trade Center attacks until the people of America are apologetic for what they have done in Kashmir, in Bosnia and in Afghanistan."

[In other words, by not getting involved in Kashmir, by saving and supporting Muslims in Bosnia, and by attacking the forces responsible for the murders of 3000 people, we somehow deserved the whole thing. What a turd.]

2. He stopped driving a cab three months ago. He and his family depend on state assistance.

[His moral outrage apparently is not enough to overcome his desire for a handout, however.]

3. He asked the imam for advice on where to live. Since the fall of the Taliban, the closest thing left to an Islamic state was Saudi Arabia, Abu Hamza told him, but getting permission to immigrate was difficult.

[This means Saudi Arabia doesn't have the open immigration policies of the US.]
4. "I don't want to seem unpatriotic," Abdul-Raheem said. "I really don't want to be here."

[In what way are we supposed to interpret this? Sounds pretty darn unpatriotic to me.]

Now, read the letters to the editor in today's issue. The first two writers share my views, but the third one's a beaut. Seattle's loony lefties hit another one out of the park. It's entitled "Applauding Conviction, but something tells me that if it had been a Branch Davidian type individual, Ms. Hansen would have been screaming at the top of her lungs to shut him down.

Ms. Hansen opposes the war, and especially opposes the expansion of the war to Iraq. She even signed a petition stating that she opposes the sanctions against Iraq, a pledge started by a leftist activist group. The pledge can be found here.

(Thanks to reader Carol for bringing this to my attention.)

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