August 18, 2002
Stupid Letters

Again from the Seattle Times, we have a new benchmark. A clean sweep! Every single letter in the Sunday Seattle Times is from an idiot. Anti-war idiots, anti-growth idiots, anti-chapter 11 idiots.

Letters to the Editor

Some of them have a few nuggets of intelligence imbedded, but they're coated with a layer of creamy goop. Others are simply jello through to the core. The fourth and seventh letters (anti-war letters) are the worst of the lot. Let's invoke Vietnam, Bush's service in the Air National Guard, "quagmire", and (in the last) a parallel with Saddam Hussein. Yes, Bush is famous for starving his people under sanctions, and gassing ethnic minorities in his country who oppose him. What an ass.

posted on August 18, 2002 05:17 PM


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