August 19, 2002
Enviro-nuts and Bush

While doing a little research today, I ran across an article posted in a newslist by Jeffrey St. Clair, co-editor of Counterpunch, an extreme-left newsletter that makes The Nation look moderate. The article in question was an article by Newsweek writer Howard Fineman. In an attempt to score a cheap hit on Bush, Fineman unwittingly hits upon the major difference between conservatism and Marxism:

As proof, Rove took note of a story in that morning's USA Today, describing Bush's new ranch home in Crawford, Texas, as an "eco-friendly" haven. "What matters are his actions over time," said Rove. "The public will see that he is an outdoorsman who cares about clean air and water and has innovative ideas." In fact, the new home is a model of green efficiency, with a water-recycling system and a geothermal heat pump. The cooling system is far more efficient than traditional central-AC units. But don't look for the Bush administration to require anyone to use it.

Yes, that is the point. Requiring people to use a certain system (one that is not by any stretch of the imagination cheap, BTW), is a hallmark of Big-Brother government run amok. Change the subject from green-friendly systems to school prayer, and I believe that Mr. Fineman's views on the subject would be quite different.

Another quibble I have with the whole subject: How much coverage did you see of this issue (Bush's green ranch)? Outside of the USA Today article (available only for a fee) and the mention in Newsweek, I cannot say that I saw much coverage of this at all. A quick Google search produces few hits that relate to the subject, and most are quite dismissive of the whole subject. It is a case of the Democrats saying "Do as I say, not as I do", while Bush says "Do what you wish; I will do what I want". Which do you prefer?

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